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From the initial spark of an idea to its final delivery, your marketing is in good hands. We craft values-based solutions for your brand. When you partner with Sextons Creek Productions, you have access to all our services and resources as a one-stop shop.

How can we help you tell your story?

Unified Marketing

Give your brand a consistence presence wherever it travels.


Plan your journey to the hidden treasure.

Video Production

Tell a compelling visual story.

Audio Production

Discover your voice.


Build memorable, dynamic visuals.

Digital Development

Carve out your place in the digital landscape.

Ad Campaigns & Media Buys

Find your tribe.

Social Media & Email Campaigns

Craft campaigns people want to see.

Brand Identity - Capturely

We helped this photography company articulate a consistent brand identity. From logo treatment to colors, fonts, and everything in between, we were able to help them build a solid brand standards guide so every piece of content they produced from website to business cards would faithfully represent their identity and mission.

Documentary - Modoc Nation

The MODOC Nation is a Native American tribe whose story has all but disappeared. We had the privilege of partnering with Chief Follis and the MODOC Nation to honor their past and tell their story in this powerful, original documentary featuring interviews, archival photographs, gorgeous drone footage, and much more.

Website - FiberForce

In today’s digital landscape, a great website can become a company’s leading marketing tool. For the industrial giant, FiberForce, we built their website with an intuitive user experience in mind – as informative, functional, and powerful as the company itself.

Promotional Video - Fincantieri Marine Group

When Fincantieri Marine Group, a leading contractor with the U.S. Navy, asked for a promotional video, we took out all the stops. Motion graphics, drone footage, and gorgeous, slow motion B-roll are just a few of the ingredients that went into the final cut.

Rebrand - Methodists Helping Methodists

Sometimes a company needs a complete rebrand. With Methodists Helping Methodists, we helped them walk through the process of:

  • Changing the Organization’s Name
  • Creating a Logo from Scratch
  • Determining their Color Palette, Fonts, and Visual Imagery
  • Redesigning Their Website and Documents
  • Creating a Brand Standards Guide
  • Designing and Launching a Social Media Campaign
    …and much more, all built on their core values.

Promotional Video - Outreach Indiana

We love partnering with not-for-profit organizations that put good out into the world. Outreach Indiana needed a promotional video to articulate their vision and purpose. We learned what they wanted to say and helped them package it in a powerful, compelling narrative that will last for years to come.



Rebrand - WGM

Rebrands are an exciting opportunity for a company to return to their roots, and build a visual presence that faithfully represents both where they came from and where they are going. We were able to partner with the not-for-profit organization, WGM, building them a logo, a brand standards guide, and a new, unified visual identity.

Podcast - Bottom Line Faith

With over 160 original episodes and almost 80,000 annual plays from around the world, the Bottom Line Faith podcast reaches business leaders every day.

From high-level strategy planning to recording, editing, mixing, visual identity, and online distribution, we have been with them every step of the way.



Print Campaign - Indianapolis Theological Seminary

Business cards, postcards, newsletters, brochures –the list of print needs is almost endless and presents a unique set of challenges. For Indianapolis Theological Seminary, we created an entire library of print resources for both internal use and outreach.



Promotional Video - Down But Not Out

Studies continually rank videos as the most powerful form of media. A good video reaches more people and impacts them at a deeper level, which is exactly what the not-for-profit organization, Down But Not Out wanted to do. When we heard their story, we knew we wanted to help them tell it in a powerful, memorable way.


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