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Give Your Brand a Voice

A full-service marketing agency

Unified Marketing

Partnering with one agency for all of your media design and marketing guarantees your brand a consistent presence wherever it goes.

We call this Unified Marketing.

From concept to distribution, we provide creative, out-of-the-box, memorable solutions.

On repeat.

Unified Marketing

If you have more than one marketing need, a retainer is probably right for you. We take the time to know your values, master your voice, and communicate a clear vision across channels.

Special Projects

Do you need a specific project like a marketing campaign, company rebrand, or promotional video? Not everyone needs access to a full suite of services. Whatever the scope, we tailor-make individual projects you will love.


Marketing & Strategy


Brand Solutions


Ad Campaigns

Social Media

Email Campaigns



Graphic Design

Web & Digital

Print & Layout



Audio & Video Production


Full Service Video Production

Animation & Motion Graphics

Special Effects & Keying



"I am so grateful for Sextons Creek's support. They have been doing a fantastic job and I am thrilled with the quality and creativity of all that they have done. I am so grateful that their team is behind all these efforts. I could not do it without them."

— Kristi

"I just got a rave review for the new newsletters, they are absolutely thrilled with them. They called it a "keeper" & the perspective was refreshing."

— Jennie

Values-Based Marketing

Marketing and advertising lost their soul. But marketing can be a force for good: a way for businesses like yours to tell compelling stories and connect with an audience in search of their tribe.

It begins with shared values – WHY you do what you do. Your people want to hear your story and so do we.

Do what you love.

We do the rest.


(we love this doing the rest bit)



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